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Our company is working on technical specifications conforming to ISO standards.


CTP Creo Trendsetter 800 II Quatrum, the resolution 24002400 dpi, patented burn ultra-hard SquareSpot; screen frequency of 450 lpi
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Equipment for the direct exposure of printing plates with automatic punching holes for the pin register. If using CtP is attained a high accuracy dot on the plate that allows to use different types of rasters: frequency-modulated, stochastic and hybrid.

Proofing system based on printer EPSON Stylus Pro 7900 SpectroProofer with the integrated spectrophotometer X-Rite i1Pro and integrated drying printing surface that allows measurement in a standard (Fogra Media Wedge) and dynamic (computed separately for each model) scales control color reproduction. Digital proofing is fully conforms ISO 12647-7.

Maximum sheet size: 610 x 1050mm Max. resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi